What is Scientia?

Scientia is the Baylor Undergraduate Research Journal of Science and Technology. First published in the spring of 2014, Scientia is a yearly publication produced by the student organization BURST and supported by the Baylor College of Arts and Sciences.

Our Mission

The mission of Scientia is to provide a professional platform upon which undergraduates of Baylor University are able to publish personally conducted and outstanding research in the biological sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, mathematics, and technology.

As advocates of maximizing our education, we believe that the promotion of research here at Baylor provides students with quintessential and formative experiences that develop valuable characteristics such as intellectual curiosity, resilience, and a strong interest in the pursuit of knowledge. To us, research is a hallmark of education, because it involves applying the information learned in classes to unanswered questions in hopes of advancing our knowledge of the world around us. For these reasons, we commit ourselves to reviewing, editing, and publishing the work initiated and collaborated on by Baylor undergraduates.

Our Vision

Through Scientia, we hope to increase awareness of undergraduate research on the Baylor campus, optimize the research experiences of Baylor undergraduates, and encourage more undergraduates to explore the amazing research opportunities Baylor has to offer.

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