Submission Guidelines

For a more in-depth overview, please follow the link to our Guidelines and Checklist

Scientia accepts articles in the following three categories:

  • Research Articles: these articles report original research carried out by the student during their undergraduate career. They must demonstrate clear writing and have scientific merit consistent with the undergraduate level of expectations.

  • Review Articles: these articles are meant to summarize the current state of understanding on a topic in STEM. They encapsulate information from a vast number of peer-reviewed papers to give readers a comprehensive yet concise review of the topic.

  • Abstracts: proposing research topics currently being investigated by undergraduate students.

Articles eligible for publication must meet the following criteria:

  • The research reported in the article must be carried out during a student’s undergraduate career

  • All authors or co-authors must review the Scientia Journal Guidelines and indicate their consent to have the article submitted

  • The complete manuscript and consent form must be received by the submission deadline.